Stomach ulcers usually develop in the stomach lining, but they can also appear on the intestine close to the stomach; doctors call this latter type of ulcer a duodenal ulcer. While the positions of these ulcers within the body differ, the treatments are similar. Stomach ulcers are not always painful so a patient might be unaware of their presence from the pain. Sometimes they have other symptoms, for example, the patient feels sick, or they have bad indigestion or heartburn. Bacterial infections and long-term use of non-steroid drugs are the main causes of stomach ulcers. If you suspect you might have a stomach ulcer you need to consult a doctor.


1. If medications caused this stomach ulcer

If the doctor sees that the stomach ulcer developed because of a reaction to the long-term use of painkiller medications, he or she needs to review the patient's need for this drug. It is sometimes possible to find a remedy that brings the same benefits without damaging the stomach. The doctor often recommends taking a proton pump inhibitor, and sometimes they prefer to prescribe one of the H2-receptor antagonist drugs. Also, antacids could help to heal the ulcer. A gastroscopy enables the doctor to check the success of the cure.


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