These are one of the most common types of health problem. Men, women, and children all suffer from abdominal pains now and again. In most cases, these are minor complaints brought on by overeating or some other avoidable action. Sometimes they may be a symptom of stress and anxiety. Persistent abdominal pains that are accompanied by bleeding, vomiting or other health problems require urgent medical attention. However, someone with minor abdominal pain may not need to seek help from a doctor, as home remedies are often easy to access and effective.

A bowl of oatmeal

The typical abdominal pain sufferer is unlikely to want to eat anything till the pain goes down, but natural food experts believe certain foods do bring relief. One of the most popular natural cures is oatmeal. This food is rich in fibers that help open up the bowels. It is easy to digest so even if you eat it while your stomach is upset it will not aggravate bur rather improve your condition. Apart from curing stomach aches, there are many other good reasons why you ought to consider making oatmeal part of your regular diet: it helps you to lose weight and maintain a good blood sugar level.

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An apple a day

Many of you will have heard the old English saying "eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away." Modern scientific knowledge backs up this ancient folk wisdom about the health value of apples. Relief from abdominal pains is one of many areas where apples are beneficial. They improve the digestive process by counteracting stomach acidity, and once abdominal pain has developed, they help prevent it getting any worse. While nobody can promise regular apple eaters freedom from the need to visit a doctor, the statistics certainly indicate that they can expect to suffer much less from stomach aches.

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Going bananas

In the popular imagination, bananas are often associated with monkeys in the jungle although wildlife experts will tell you this does not correspond with the real natural world. While the monkeys might not be so devoted to banana eating as we imagine, for human beings, they are an excellent dietary choice. They are one of the most effective foodstuffs you can take to relieve stomach cramps. Another advantage is their ready availability and cheapness. When it comes to safety concerns, there is also no possibility of any harm resulting from a banana overdose!

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A touch of ginger

This spice is well known as a tasty addition to many kinds of dishes, but natural healers have long recognized its medical uses. Its anti-inflammatory properties are one of its strong points. If you add a little ginger to your diet, it helps the working of your digestive system. It also reduces inflammation that has been causing pain in the stomach and intestines. For maximum effectiveness take it in the form of ginger tea, but you can only gain by finding additional ways of adding it to the foods you prepare.

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The cup of tea

Ginger tea might be a little too exotic for some tastes, but researchers have discovered that many other types of tea also serve as aids to digestion. Even the plain black tea that is still very popular in England can help relieve some stomach problems, Today chamomile, mint and other kinds of herbal teas are fashionable, and they are also good choices for anyone with digestive problems. In particular, green tea has many advocates who publicize how it contributes in all kinds of ways to your general good health.

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Apply a hot compress

In past years when going to a doctor was not a practical or even instrumental option people often used hot compresses to relieve stomach aches. Advances in medical understanding have not negated the value of these compresses in these situations. They can be prepared in several ways. One option is to cook a cup of rice for about a minute in a microwave. You then put the rice into a bag and wrap it in a towel. Place this on your stomach, and it should ease the pains.

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A cure from your kitchen cupboard

A person with an unpleasant stomach ache would normally never imagine they could find a safe and natural cure in their kitchen cupboard, but they could be mistaken. The humble can or jar of fruits is not only a popular choice for dessert, but it could be a sound remedy. Fruits such as pears and peaches are rich in antioxidants that assist the body in overcoming stomach cramps that much faster. If you do decide to take down the fruit can pineapple is one fruit you must avoid since it is so acidic. In contrast with other kinds of fruits, the pineapple will exacerbate your stomach pains.

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Try a little baking soda

Nobody who takes an interest in natural cures will be surprised to learn that baking soda helps relieve stomach problems. This kitchen staple has many medicinal users in addition to its more familiar role in baking. The fact that it contains natural anti-acidic properties makes it a valuable weapon in the fight against stomach cramps. This is a good idea for most people to use but all the same, certain people must avoid it, for example, those with high blood pressure problems.

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Another spicy stomach pain cure

Cinnamon is usually found in the spice cabinet rather than the medicine chest. Its antioxidant qualities justify using it in a medical context. By aiding the working of your digestive system, it can help relieve the pressures that cause certain stomach pains. Cinnamon is safe to take it with a teaspoon. Most prefer to take it with some food or perhaps in a tea.

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A fennel seed tea

Unless you happen to be a dedicated natural food enthusiast, you may be forgiven if you don't know about fennel seeds. They are not one of the typical products you find on a shelf in the local grocery store. Once you learn about how they help to improve digestion and reduce stomach inflammation, you might want to go to your nearest health store and order some of them. They are often taken in a tea, but you could also add them to foods.

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