These are one of the most common types of health problem. Men, women, and children all suffer from abdominal pains now and again. In most cases, these are minor complaints brought on by overeating or some other avoidable action. Sometimes they may be a symptom of stress and anxiety. Persistent abdominal pains that are accompanied by bleeding, vomiting or other health problems require urgent medical attention. However, someone with minor abdominal pain may not need to seek help from a doctor, as home remedies are often easy to access and effective.


1. A bowl of oatmeal

The typical abdominal pain sufferer is unlikely to want to eat anything till the pain goes down, but natural food experts believe certain foods do bring relief. One of the most popular natural cures is oatmeal. This food is rich in fibers that help open up the bowels. It is easy to digest so even if you eat it while your stomach is upset it will not aggravate bur rather improve your condition. Apart from curing stomach aches, there are many other good reasons why you ought to consider making oatmeal part of your regular diet: it helps you to lose weight and maintain a good blood sugar level.

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