As you may or may not know, inflammation is the natural response that our bodies have to any intrusion, meaning it's an automated process that makes you cause pain to yourself. How does that work? Well, if there's anything in or on your body that shouldn't be there, there's a whole army of blood vessels, blood cells, and other substances to help you combat the issue by isolating the endangered spot. More than often, it's the reason behind your inflammation that has a worrisome nature and needs to be treated. If you have a blister on your hand, it's nothing to worry about, but if your liver has been hurting for a while, its time to see the doctor. While the following list will provide you with substantial inflammation treatment options, a lot of them will only work up to a certain point.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NSAIDS easily claim first place because they are made for this purpose, although they are far from the optimal solution to inflammation. They work on the principle of ceasing the effect of the cyclooxygenase enzyme that produces the inflammation creating chemicals. In lack of this substance, the inflammation is usually painless, or the pain is significantly lowered. The commodity they offer doesn't come at a low cost, especially during long-term use. These medications can cause various destructive effects when overused, such as stomach ulcers, irreparable kidney damage, and potentially lethal hemorrhage. Those who have asthma should also avoid these drugs as much as possible.

inflammation NSAIDs



Mostly found in painkillers, acetaminophen is what provides these medicines their main properties. Although it won't prevent further inflammation nor reduce it in any way, it will rid you of the pain for a good few hours. This is a practical solution for those needing a brief relief, but you shouldn't rely on it if you want a more efficient solution. Besides, taking too much of this substance will result in eventual resistance to painkillers, rendering them useless to you and increasing your susceptibility to pain.

inflammation acetaminophen



The powerful substance is also known as MSM does wonder when it comes to both reducing and removing inflammation. It is contained in animals and humans, but those that produce and sell it mostly extract it from plants, where it is the most widespread. It is a miracle joint inflammation remedy, but it works on all areas of the body. Not only does it rid one of the pain better than painkillers and at a much lower health risk, but it also opens up the cell so that benign chemicals can flow in while the malignant ones are extracted the same way. For those with arthritis, there is no better solution than MSM.

MSM inflammation



Aside from containing a myriad of bacterium annihilating acids that can barely be found anywhere else, honey is rich in the Apalbumin 1 protein, which stops the excess inflammation that white blood cells create. With various yet-to-be-proved scientific theories circling about, the common folk describes honey as a cure for anything. Consequently, consuming honey to treat any internal type of inflammation may prove to be quite fruitful. If you happen to mix it with some cinnamon, you can achieve an even greater effect, since they form a concoction that destroys numerous diseases when joined.

honey anti inflammation



This active enzyme is located within pineapples only, and science still hasn't gotten its head around everything related to it. However, there is a certain theory that Bromelain successfully treats both internal and external inflammations upon consumption, although the reason for this is yet to be revealed. What we do know for sure is that, unlike other enzymes that dissolve during digestion, Bromelain gets directly absorbed by our bodies, meaning it has nearly immediate effects. No matter whether you apply it to your skin or drain the stem and drink it from a glass, you're in for almost instant relief.

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Egg Membrane

You've probably heard at least once or twice that rubbing the see-through egg layer on a burn will reduce the pain down to a minimum, if not completely remove it. This is because of the substances it contains to protect the yellow mass in the middle, which is full of glucosamine and collagen. The egg membrane doesn't only treat burns; it's also ideal for all types of joint pain, muscle inflammation, and allergies. Its external use is undoubtedly beneficial, but by drinking an egg, you're also actually dealing with any digestive tract inflammations.




Everyone with a little knowledge about how the muscular tissue works will tell you to do more exercise to relieve the pain you initially obtained from it. Yeah, it sounds illogical and regressive, but it is true. The more activity your muscles have, the bigger are their chances of faster recuperation, as the fresh blood cells full of oxygen refresh the tissue and significantly reduce the inflammation. This doesn't just go for muscles; a lot of types of inflammations can be cured using this method. Yes, it may hurt really bad at first, but it will hurt less and less until you're eventually healthy again.

exercise inflammation



The Omega-3 fatty acids that can't be found almost anywhere other than fish are probably the healthiest solution for nearly all types of inflammation. By consuming fish, putting fish oil in your meals during preparation or simply rubbing it on any outer inflammations, you're giving yourself the best home treatment available. Not only do these acids alleviate any superficial ailments, but they also help with fighting all of the acute inflammation causes, without any repercussions. They have almost the same effect as a modern-day painkiller, but they aren't nearly as harmful to the body and the immune system. Since canned fish is loaded with this oil, you don't need to shed more than a few bucks to undergo this type of treatment.

omega inflammation



The method of cervical traction may not be as beneficial for internal organs, but it is more than good enough for someone suffering from spondylitis, spasms, ruptured disks and bone degeneration. Individual machines are required for this procedure, most of which can be found in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and spa centers. Traction is more than often conducted while the patient is sitting, rather than laying down. When used together with exercise and stretching, this method will most definitely bring relief to the patients. Traction devices are available for purchase online, but using them alone at home isn't recommended since it's a therapist's duty to select the actual weight you will be using in the process.

traction inflammation



This ancient Eastern discipline has been known for centuries to relieve many types of discomfort and increase overall health. Thanks to the specificity of the spots where the needles are inserted, which can then be twisted side-to-side in rapid succession or jolted with tiny amounts of electricity so as to improve their effect, the body gradually enters a state of harmony. It is this balance that allows your brain to release specific benign chemicals, also known as endorphins, which significantly reduce inflammation pain and usually cure the inflammation itself.

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