A total hip replacement surgery is always a significant medical procedure. It is used to enhance your quality of life significantly. All those movement problems and stability issues will be gone. In times past, this procedure was much riskier and unproven. Nowadays, it's down to a fine science, and there are no risks involved whatsoever. After you've taken all the precautions, it's time to undergo the procedure. Despite its significance, it only of minor importance in comparison to what comes after. Recovery is the crucial part of every single surgical procedure. It's a common misconception that everything depends on the medical staff. Their work only lasts a couple of hours. On the other hand, your responsibility towards your body is something everlasting. If you don't take things seriously, it could have a detrimental effect on your well-being.

Complications are indeed possible if you don't take the recovery process seriously. By removing all the negative factors, you can save yourself from much trouble. To be able to grasp this process fully, you need sufficient knowledge. That's why we've decided to prepare the ultimate tip list for you. By applying all these pieces of advice, your hip recovery will go smooth.Aside from individual convenience, these tips are best when combined. That way, your individual prowess will be greatly aided by their combination. Let's take a look at how can you enhance your recovery from total hip replacement.

Watch your weight

Your new hip will be sensitive at first. It can't sustain much strain and pressure, due to the healing process. It will need a longer period to settle in within your body. The best thing that you can do to make the recovery process easier is regulated your weight. Don't overindulge in sweets or high-calorie foods. It is crucial that you do everything you can to prevent unwanted circumstances from appearing. If you hip cracks under your own weight, it might even fall apart and require another procedure. It milder cases, it will only heal slower, If you're lucky.



Don't Smoke

Smoking is bad in general. However, in this case, it spells an even worse disaster for your recovery from total hip replacement. By inhaling nicotine, you expose yourself to many harmful substances. Some of these destroy connective tissue. This property is particularly detrimental to the recovery process. If that tissue is somehow weakened, your hip won't be able to heal well. Quitting smoking is no small step. Get the help you need and don't risk any subsequent complications on your road to recovery. After a total hip replacement, health is of the utmost importance.



Perform Mild Stretches

Given the fact that you will be resting for quite a bit, your muscles may atrophy very easily. This may only hinder the healing process. It's essential to have strong core muscles to enable the best possible recovery. Limb muscles are also essential. You will need your body for subsequent movement. Many patients experience fractures even after total hip replacement. Why is this case? To simply put it, people become too lazy and let their muscles atrophy from all the laying down. If you stretch a few times a day, you will prevent this from ever happening.



Have someone Drive you Around

Even though you will be recovering, there will still be things to do. Remember, your health is the priority over everything during this time. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean there won't be things to do. Of course, walking won't be an option during the recovery process. That's why you will need some driving assistance. Your entire torso will be sensitive, and you will need transport everywhere you go. Aside from that, driving under pain medicine is very dangerous. Save yourself the trouble and the risk and ask a friend to assist your around.



Follow your Medication Plan Diligently

After assessing your health after the surgery, the doctor will assign you some meds. Keep in mind that there are no typical medications. Each patient gets his own tailor-made recovery program. This is why it's in your best interest to follow this plan. By doing so, you will minimize the chances of anything going wrong. Of course, many of these medications are just in case. However, that doesn't mean you should mess with your recovery program. It's always best to cover all the possible solutions and ensure a faster and better recovery.



Relocate your bed to a more convenient position

If you've been living in a storied house, it's time for a change. Climbing up the stairs won't be an option anymore. This means that it will require a substantial amount of effort to calibrate your new sleeping plan. First of all, you will need to relocate your bed somewhere downstairs. It will also be important to place the bed near the bathroom. When it comes to recovery from total hip replacement, you should walk as little as possible. This includes any type of moment whatsoever. Setting things up will ensure a full and painless recovery.



Make your bed as comfortable as possible

Now that you're done moving your bed, it's time for phase two. This part will consist of furnishing your sleeping place accordingly. Your new hip won't be able to sustain much pressure. Therefore, it's essential that you make your bed as comfortable as possible. There are many ways you can do it, but you should combine all of them. First of all, get a softer mattress. If you don't have sufficient funds for a new one, get a mattress cover. Place a lot of pillows between you and the wall. Next up, don't sleep in tight pajamas, as they may mess up your bloodstream in the hip area.



If Traditional Pain Medications Upset Your Organism, Search For Alternatives

The days of only having artificial meds as your option are long gone. There are many natural alternatives, such as CBD for instance. Some people aren't meant to be exposed to many artificial substances. Therefore, you should find something that suits you best. Herbal remedies are also good. In order to be sure about your new medication, consult your doctor. He will know what to recommend and what to do. Have faith in your practitioner.



Get Some Railing Installed In The House

The best way to safely move around the house is using railing. This is, of course, if you need to move by any means necessary. Railings are a simple and useful walking aid. You can attach them to walls in all sorts of rooms around the house. If you're aiming for maximum effect, choose the stairwell and the bathroom. By doing so, your showers will be much safer. Also, if you want and feel the need to, buy a showering chair. It's better to be safe than sorry.



A Reaching Aid Can Save You Much Trouble

Getting up will be unpleasant and annoying for the first couple of days. That fact doesn't change the notion that you will need to do so. However, there are certain ways to facilitate your situation. One of them is the reaching aid. Whatever you need – food, the remote or toilet paper, you won't have to get up. Just by grabbing it with your reaching aid, you will have it a moment's notice.



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