Corns are thick, hard areas of skin on the feet. Though similar to calluses, they are usually smaller, harder, and more painful. The body develops corns to protect against constant rubbing and friction. Though they most often appear at pressure points on the sides and tops of the feet, they can develop between the toes and on the soles as well. In some people, corns are asymptomatic. In others, they can range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful.


1. Types of Corns

There are three types of corns. Hard corns are the most common. They generally develop on areas of thicker skin. Individuals with nerve damage often have this type of corn. Soft corns are white or gray in color and may appear between the toes. They have a rubbery texture because moisture between the toes keeps them soft. Seed corns tend to develop on the bottoms of the feet.

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