Morton's neuroma is an uncommon yet painful condition which affects a person's foot. The person would feel the pain in the ball of the foot or in between the toes. At times, this condition will make you feel like you're standing on something small like a pebble. Morton's neuroma occurs when the tissue surrounding a nerve that leads to your toes starts thickening. This causes different sensations and levels of pain in the ball of the foot. Also, your toes may start to burn, ache or even feel numb. There are many reasons why this condition develops. However, one of the most significant risk factors is when you frequently wear high-heeled shoes. For this reason, this condition is much more common in women. Here are the common symptoms and treatments of Morton's neuroma.


. <span class="s1">1.<b> Feeling like there's a lump in the shoe</b></span>

One of the more common symptoms of this condition manifests itself when you feel like there's a lump in your shoe. Some people describe it as the feeling when there's a pebble in your shoe. You may experience this when you're standing or walking. If you want to feel relief from this symptom, you can remove your shoes. You can also rub your feet to help lessen the sign. Also, you can use shoe inserts to reduce the pressure on the thickening nerve that's affected.


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