Fallen arches occur when the arch of the foot goes flat or collapses entirely. Because this has such a significant impact on standing and walking, people with fallen arches can experience pain that is at times debilitating. Various interventions can ease the effects of fallen arches, including orthotics and surgery. Fallen arches are relatively common and can affect any adult. Interventions are more effective if the condition is caught early.


1. Adult-Acquired Flatfoot

Fallen arches are also referred to as adult-acquired flatfoot. This is a much different condition than pediatric flatfoot, a condition some children are born with that often resolves on its own. Fallen arches are a common condition of the ankles and feet that can affect both men and women. When fallen arches occur in adulthood, the condition is permanent and can worsen over time.

Adult Acquired Flatfoot Nozdracheva / Getty Images

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