There are many causes of swollen feet, but one of the most common is overuse. People who stand for extended periods of time, for example, may notice that their feet become painful and swollen at the end of the day. Sometimes, swelling does not go down overnight, and treatment is needed. In most cases, a medical evaluation is not necessary, although it is important to see your physician if swelling persists for more than a week with no obvious explanation. Luckily, there are many steps that you can take at home to relieve symptoms and reduce swelling.


1. Elevation

Whenever you suffer from inflammation, elevating the affected area is a good way to decrease swelling. Luckily, swollen feet are easy to elevate. When relaxing, use a pillow to prop your feet up so that blood does not pool. If you are suffering from severe swelling, you may want to try this technique overnight: use pillows or blankets to create an incline at the foot of your bed. Your feet should rest above your heart to promote drainage and circulation. Taking NSAIDs before elevating the feet should help to speed recovery time.


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