Itchy fingers and hands can be annoying, at least, and dangerous, at worst. We use our hands for so many actions throughout the day, that painful and inflamed fingers will inevitably impede simple practices such as holding a pen or typing. Itchy fingers can indicate an allergy or something more serious. Under most circumstances, self-care and home remedies can alleviate mild to moderate issues.


1. Causes: Excessive Handwashing

The very act that helps prevent the spread of disease can also make our hands more prone to infection. Overzealous washing dries out the skin. Resulting itchiness leads to scratching which, if it breaks the skin, leaves sores vulnerable to bacteria and other infectious organisms. People in industries or with hobbies that require washing the hands more than a few times a day should make sure to use a moisturizing soap with fruit oils. Studies show that the peel of the mandarin orange, for one, regulates skin moisture and smooths rough skin.

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