A woman with an excess of the male androgens hormone in her body might suffer from facial hair growth known as Hirsutism.  Some of these people might have had an aggravated form of this condition, but normally the facial and body hair that appears is much finer and lighter than male hair. Hirsutism symptoms first appear around the time of puberty in many cases.


1. Accurate diagnosis determines the best treatment

Doctors need to find out whether this condition occurs due to a genetic issue or it links to an individual medical problem. If a woman has a regular menstrual cycle, the chances are that the condition is inherited. If she has an irregular cycle, it raises suspicions that there could be a link with an abnormality in the ovaries. The doctor could be concerned over a possible tumor if the irregular menstruation and the signs of hirsutism are recent developments. A connection with diabetes and high cholesterol might also be worth investigating. The tests the doctor requests and proposed treatment depend on such analysis.


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