Anyone with the most basic health knowledge recognizes the importance of vitamin B. It is possible that they might not know much about folic acid but when they learn that it belongs in this vitamin category, they appreciate that it is a compound that their bodies require. You sometimes find that medical works refer to folic acid as vitamin B9. This is essential to the building of the human DNA, and therefore it is of particular concern during the first months of pregnancy. A lack of this acid could cause deformations in the fetus, or even prove fatal in extreme circumstances.


1. How does the body obtain folic acid?

As you might imagine, the food supply is an essential source of this vitamin. To make a diet plan that maximizes food's folic acid potential, make sure to eat whole grains and plenty of vegetables of the green leaf variety. Spinach and broccoli are two examples of vegetables particularly rich in vitamin B9 content. You also find that citrus fruits are another excellent source of this vitamin. Natural health experts point out that folic acid supplements have an advantage since they are completely absorbed into the bloodstream while the B9 from foods in only partially absorbed.

Folic Acid

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