With the kidneys being one of the most sensitive parts of the body, it is important to check them regularly. Kidneys are the body's natural detoxers and they filter out waste products from the food and drink we consume daily. One way to test your kidneys function is the urine specific gravity test. It is a medical procedure that shows how well your kidneys dilute urine. You can order this test for no specific reason to see how well your kidneys are functioning at any given time.


1. What does the test determine exactly?

As we all know, kidneys filter our blood and dispose of all the toxins through urine. That filtrating process maintains normal electrolyte balance and makes sure the body functions. The main use of the urine specific gravity test is to pinpoint whether the electrolyte levels are too high or too low. The results of this test will indicate whether the kidneys are malfunctioning, which can happen as a result of old age or disease.

 Urine Specific Gravity test

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