For many who hear the term abnormal cell growth, the first thought is cancer. In fact, when cells divide out of control, they create growths called neoplasms that are just the beginning of understanding what may be happening within the body. Growths such as moles can be classified as neoplasms and, most of the time, they are harmless. Neoplasms are complex and far from absolute. When a medical test shows a mass or tumor on an organ or bone, it is best to remember that there is a lot of ground to cover between that and a life-threatening diagnosis.


1. Types of Neoplasm

Benign neoplasms are non-cancerous and extremely common; malignant neoplasms are cancerous manifestations that spread in various ways depending on the circumstances. In situ neoplasms are pre-malignant growths that grow and progress in the same place. The fact that they have not spread is good news but, if they go untreated for a prolonged period, they can become cancerous.

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