Approximately 60% of people experience nosebleeds or epistaxes at some point in their life. Nosebleeds occur most commonly among children under ten years old and adults age 50 to -80. However, only 6-10% of all instances require medical treatment. The source location, cause, and severity of a nosebleed determine the correct course of treatment. Often, home remedies will suffice, though some nosebleeds require professional medical care and sometimes bleeding signals an emergency.


1. Nosebleeds Can Happen to Anyone

Nosebleeds are most common in active children and older adults but can occur at any age. Six out of every ten people experience a nosebleed, and there are many reasons one might occur. People with certain medical conditions such as sinusitis, deviated septum, or leukemia are more likely to experience nosebleeds, but even minor trauma, irritation, or medications can affect the complex vascular structure of the nose, causing bleeding.

treating nosebleeds

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