Leg pain can be challenging to deal with. It can make walking and moving around uncomfortable. You may also have trouble sleeping if you are suffering from persistent leg pain. Sometimes, leg pain is a result of something minor, such as a pulled muscle or stress from exercising. Other causes can be more serious and may require a trip to the doctor. If you notice leg pain that persists for a long period, it's important to find the cause so you can treat it and find relief.


1. Sciatica

Leg pain can often be the result of back problems, such as sciatica. Sciatica is a condition in which the sciatic nerve is inflamed. This nerve begins in your back and travels down your legs to your feet. When you are dealing with sciatica and the pain associated with it, you may find that the pain that was once tolerable has become too much to deal with. This is the time when you may seek medical attention.


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