A ruptured eardrum is a condition that affects the eardrum and is caused by a puncture in the eardrum. While most cases aren’t too serious and usually heal within a few weeks, some people also develop severe symptoms such as dizziness and hearing loss, some of which may require surgery or other invasive treatments. In some instances, complications such as ear infections may arise. You can take measures to lower your chances of suffering from a ruptured eardrum. Find out the symptoms, treatments, and recovery tips of a ruptured eardrum


1. Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the most common symptom of a ruptured eardrum and can occur at different intensities, but it often manifests itself as a slightly muffled hearing. In severe cases, the hearing may be significantly impaired. The eardrum is an integral part of the auditory system because it allows sound waves to be converted into vibrations, thus enabling you to hear sounds. If this activity becomes interrupted, you may experience hearing loss. If you notice this symptom, you should see your doctor to make sure your hearing hasn’t diminished. It’s important to treat a ruptured eardrum to ensure that an infection doesn’t occur.


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