Testosterone is an essential hormone in the human body for both men and women, but primarily for the former. It is most associated with giving men strength and hair on their bodies. Testosterone has a vast number of other effects on the human body. When testosterone levels are low in someone, there are many symptoms and side effects that are physical and emotional. Below are the symptoms of low testosterone, so that someone can see if they are suffering from it in their everyday lives.

Low Sex Drive

One of the first symptoms of low testosterone levels will be a diminished sex drive or interest in having sexual intercourse. As the presence of testosterone encourages this, the lack of it will make the act of sex seem less exciting and attractive to the person suffering from a deficiency. It can affect relationships and lead to depression when this symptom arises.

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Low Volume of Semen

Along with sex drive, testosterone also affects semen production in men. When there is a lack of this vital hormone, semen production also diminishes. This is a real problem for men who are trying to have children with their partners, as it will reduce the odds of conception occurring after sex. It is often one of the main reasons why couples have trouble conceiving children in the first place but can be remedied with extra amounts of testosterone.


Erectile Dysfunction

With both low sex drive and low semen volume, comes other problems with male reproductive organs when there is a lack of testosterone in the system. Namely, the difficulty a man may have in getting an erection in the first place. This can lead to other issues in a man's life. Depression, anxiety, frustration and other problems may result from erectile dysfunction. While there are plenty of medications for "ed" as it is known, dealing with lack of testosterone in the system also plays a major part in it.

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Testosterone is more than just something that pumps up a man's sexual abilities. It also helps with stamina and general mindset on a daily basis. When there isn't enough of it, a man can feel fatigued and down. This can lead to depression, tiredness and just an overall lack of zest for life. This can not only effect relationships but also job performance and personal fitness levels.

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Noticeable Hair Loss

Men will lose hair throughout their lives, but a lack of testosterone will make hair loss increase much more quickly. While hair loss isn't necessarily a sign of low testosterone, it can be. If there is hair loss and any of the other symptoms mentioned the lack of this all-important hormone might be the culprit.

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Loss of Overall Muscle Mass

Testosterone is also known for building up muscle mass in men when flowing normally through their bodies. However, low testosterone can cause this muscle mass to dwindle as there isn't anything to supplement muscular growth. So if there is an overall weakness in muscles that were previously strong, low testosterone may be the reason for this.

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More Body Fat

With less testosterone in the system and more fatigue and lower muscle mass overall, it only makes sense that there would be more fat on a man's body. Another symptom of low testosterone is weight gain and more significant amount of fat on a man's physique that wasn't previously present. Working out more can help with this and naturally up the testosterone levels in a man's body in some cases. But other times, medical help will be needed.

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Less Overall Bone Mass

Strong muscles help to keep your bones strong. So if muscles weaken with less testosterone in the system, it can lead to bones mass lessening as well. If this goes on for long enough, the bones will become brittle, and the dreaded condition known as osteoporosis can set in. While this is something that is a more significant problem in women than in men, low testosterone can lead to it occurring in men at a much higher percentage. Which is why understanding testosterone levels as you age is so important to a man's overall health.

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Mood Swings

Men with low testosterone can also suffer from extreme mood swings. They can range the gamut from frustration to depression. Much of this has to do with activity and the feelings of fatigue. But testosterone also changes men's moods, sometimes for the worse, and a lack of it will lead to a noticeably different personality overall. While mood swings can be tough to distinguish sometimes, if moods are feeling irregular, the lack of testosterone could be to blame.

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Breast Formation

Low testosterone in men can lead to breasts forming over time with an increase of estrogen levels. Testosterone tells the body how to behave when it is present in large amounts. The lack of it and higher levels of the estrogen hormone can lead to changes based on the information it is being given.

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