The olecranon is an integral part of the elbow and is found at the tip, as identified by its pointy shape. It is covered by the bursa, a sack of fluid that separates it from the skin. That way, the skin can naturally move around the bone. If healthy, the bursa sack stays relatively intact with a minimum amount of fluid on the inside. If the bursa becomes irritated, it may appear swollen or inflamed and can develop fluid accumulation. In such cases, pain, as well as weakness, may occur.


1. Swelling

Swelling is a common symptom of most types of bursitis, including olecranon bursitis. This symptom can indicate that the bursa sack has become irritated. Even though swelling isn’t usually noticed during its initial stages, it can cause pain or discomfort over time. If the bursa becomes infected, some symptoms may develop in the affected area including warmth and redness. If you develop a fever, consult your doctor to prevent the condition from worsening. Afterward, you can begin treatment, which is mainly aimed at alleviating side effects as well as speeding the recovery process.

swelling Olecranon

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