Balanitis is disease affects the head of the male genital organ and its foreskin. It is not usually serious but still requires medical attention. Doctors know how to diagnose this condition through a physical examination, but occasionally a dermatologist or urologist needs to rule out more serious problems. Men and boys who are uncircumcised are much more likely to suffer from balanitis. Some religious beliefs require circumcision, but the desire to avoid such health problems also encourages some secular people to get a hospital circumcision. The British royal family is probably the best known of all the people who have circumcisions for reasons unconnected with their religious belief.


1. Characteristic signs of skin irritation

This condition causes the male organ to emit a foul smell, and it becomes very sore and itchy. The skin turns reddish. Other common symptoms include the appearance of a thick fluid on the organ, painful urination. Some adults may find that they cannot pull back their foreskin. This is a sign of the related illness called phimosis. This condition normally responds well to treatment within a week. If it persists, it could indicate the presence of an infection or a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

skin irritation balanitis

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