Swelling from inflammation or edema -- the buildup of fluid in the body -- can be caused by a variety of factors, from standing too long to congestive heart failure. Some cases resolve themselves or can be alleviated through simple, at-home methods, while persistent or unexplained swelling in the body requires medical evaluation to identify the cause.


1. Symptoms

Symptoms accompanying swelling vary depending on where in the body the swelling occurs, usually the ankles, legs, feet, face, or hands. It can cause discomfort by stiffening and restricting the range of motion of joints. In the throat, swelling can cause shortness of breath. Some swelling locations are dependent upon the cause. For instance, a bee sting can cause swelling, along with redness, burning, and pain at the site of the injury. People who have an allergic reaction to a bee sting may experience more severe swelling along with other, sometimes life-threatening, symptoms.


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