Psychosomatic disorders have a long history of being seen as less legitimate than visible, physical conditions, resulting in a damaging stigma. The very definition of psychosomatic means both mind and body, and there is a scientific explanation for even these unseen conditions. The good news is, the symptoms of psychosomatic disorders can, with guided care, be lessened or controlled.


1. What is a Psychosomatic Disorder?

Psychosomatic disorder or somatic symptom disorder describes a worsening or creation of physical symptoms caused, at least in part, by an individual's state of mind. You may have heard stress can make you sick. Stress is scientifically proven to lower your immune system. As well, the condition can turn on the body's fight or flight response switch, and once this happens, it can be extremely difficult to ease the resulting anxiety or tension. Our brains can be a factor in many ailments such as chronic pain, fatigue, and the aggravation of lymph nodes.


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