While experts argue about the causes of and best treatments for particular diseases, when it comes to Morgellons Disease they even argue about whether the condition really exists. Medical studies have failed to prove its existence to the skeptics, but neither have they proved it an imaginary condition. The British health authorities consider it a type of psychosis rather than a physical illness. Others argue that the disease definitely has physical manifestations. They point to the well-publicized collapse of the famous entertainer, Joni Mitchel serves as concrete proof that you cannot dismiss Morgellons Disease so easily.


1. What is the most characteristic symptom?

The feeling that you have tiny mites or insects crawling under the skin and biting you is the best-known symptom, and one of the most controversial. If such insects exist, the doctor should easily detect their presence in an examination of the patient. The fact that we know lice and ticks feed off human bodies gives credibility to the idea that some bugs might have got into the patient's body. Yet if the doctor fails to find solid evidence of bugs, he or she understandably starts to suspect some mental issue.

symptoms of Morgellons

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