Abortion is an outpatient medical procedure, performed using medication or as a minimally invasive surgical procedure, to terminate a pregnancy. The procedure is typically done in the first trimester of pregnancy unless a doctor identifies risks further on. A doctor will perform an abortion if a woman chooses not to continue with a pregnancy, to complete a partial miscarriage, or if an individual has a condition that makes pregnancy life-threatening.


1. Are Abortions Safe?

Abortions are performed in an outpatient clinic, a doctor's office, or in a hospital. In almost all instances, they are safe when a licensed physician performed the procedure, or via medication in the privacy of one's own home. Women receive follow-up examinations two weeks after a procedure. Complications can arise in women who have IUDs, suspected ectopic pregnancies, certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders that require blood thinners, or allergies to medications.

are abortions safe

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