Finding a strange new lump on any part of the body can be a pretty scary thing. Lumps can occur all over and for many different reasons. Most lumps are benign, but in some cases, they can indicate a serious medical condition. It is important to know what is normal and what isn't when it comes to lumps. Knowing when to see a physician is an important first defense against serious conditions. Here are some frequently asked questions about lumps on the body.


1. Location

There are certain areas of the body more prone to lumps than others. One of these common areas is the breasts. Breasts, in both males and females, are made mainly of fatty tissues prone to benign lumps. Other lumps may also appear here, such as cysts and milk ducts in a lactating woman. Specifically, you should see a doctor if you notice lumps in areas known for cancerous growths, such as the breast, throat, and testicles.


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