White blood cells or leukocytes are the main reason you're alive and kicking. These cells protect your body against infections, viruses, and other unwanted invaders. They are the front line of defense when it comes to facing foreign bodies. Although it is not so impressive at first glance, the white blood cell defense system is highly sophisticated and refined. It is truly a marvel of nature and a wonder of the human body. What influences white blood cell efficiency the most is their count. The number of white blood cells affects the speed of reaching the infected body part.


1. The average count

A healthy adult usually has about 7000 white blood cells per microliter of blood. That is impressive on its own. Those cells patrol the bloodstream and patiently wait for any type of alarm from the brain. When alerted, it takes milliseconds for them to organize themselves. It mercilessly assaults any possible attacker. The interesting is that when an infection strikes the body, it goes into overdrive. It produces more and more leukocytes. When germs are being fought off, there are 25000 white blood cells in every microliter of blood.

white blood cells

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