Have you ever had chest pain and wondered why? Costochondritis occurs when the cartilage that connects ribs to the breastbone, or sternum, becomes inflamed. Although there is no definite cause or a good way to prevent costochondritis, the inflammation can be painful. While it is relatively harmless, children, adolescents, and adults can experience this condition. Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms and treatments.


1. Symptom: Chest Pain

The primary symptom of costochondritis is chest pain. The pain might be sharp, dull, or pressure-like, but is usually located on your left side near the front chest wall. The most common pain sites include the fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs. However, the pain can rotate to your abdomen or back, too.     If you take a deep breath or cough, you may experience an increased feeling of pain. If you breathe easier or stop moving, the pain can decrease.


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