Ganglion cysts are non-cancerous lumps that usually form on the hands and feet but are also know to develop on the knees, ankles, and face. They are round or oval and typically pea-sized to the size of a cherry. They can be painful on the nerves and interfere with the movement of the joints. Ganglion cysts can be caused by trauma, osteoarthritis, or joint and tendon injuries. Some symptoms of ganglion cysts include location, size and shape, and pain. Treatment for these cysts can include aspiration, immobilization, and surgery.


1. Trauma

While the exact cause of the Ganglion cyst is unknown, it is suggested that trauma may be a primary cause. The injury causes a break down in the tissue of and around the joints. The trauma, in turn, causes cysts to form. Continued damage may result in the mass becoming fluid-filled or solid.

Trauma Ganglion cyst

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