Low hemoglobin is not always a sign of disease. A slightly low hemoglobin count is normal for some people and is common during pregnancy. The low count may simply be due to heavy menstrual bleeding, or frequent blood donation. However, there are several diseases and conditions associated with low hemoglobin, and any concerns should be discussed with a doctor. Causes can be broken down into two categories: problems producing red blood cells, and problems with losing red blood cells.


1. Normal Low Hemoglobin

Low hemoglobin is not always cause for concern. Sometimes, normal levels of hemoglobin are just a little lower than the average. Having a baseline of one's unique levels is always a good idea so that a doctor can note any fluctuations. Another common cause of low hemoglobin is pregnancy, which can cause temporary drops in levels. Though normal, an OG/GYN will monitor these changes.

normal low hemoglobin

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