Human bodies are complex and can experience many different aches and pains. Many of these simply come from everyday life and small accidents or clumsiness. Because of this, people often tend to ignore different aches and pains, assuming they are nothing serious and shall go away in a matter of time. Certain aches, no matter how mild, can be symptomatic of very serious diseases. In these cases, consulting your doctor to check for underlying causes is the best choice for your health. Sometimes, mild pains can intensify gradually and increase in severity over time. In these cases, there is likely an underlying medical condition.


1. Lower Abdominal Pain

Sharp, shooting pain in the lower abdominal area, especially when accompanied by fever and fatigue, may be an indicator of a serious condition. The location of pain in abdomen can give a significant signal about the cause. Many causes, like bloating, gas pain, and even a pulled muscle, while uncomfortable, generally aren't serious. However, there can be a lot of sudden-onset medical issues which need timely medical attention, such as appendicitis, lead poisoning, diverticulitis, pancreatitis, sickle cell anemia, irritable bowel syndrome, and endometriosis. If you wake up with abdominal pain in the morning, especially if it's chronic or repeated, consult your doctor.


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