Perhaps you bent awkwardly for long periods while lifting heavy objects. Or you sat in a hunched position without any break. Whatever the cause, whether it's overstretching, arthritis or overusing the muscles, once you suffer from lower back pain, it can be extremely difficult to shake. Almost every person experiences a sudden bout of back pain at one time in their lives. If you are experiencing your first ever excruciating back pain, here are some simple methods to ease the pain that you can try at home.


1. Heat And Cold Therapy

Researchers have proven that the application of continuous heat can ease an acute backache more effectively than the use of drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Applying dry heat from lamps or heating pads or moist heat from washcloths to the body parts can reduce pain markedly. Cold therapy can also lessen swelling and inflammation in the back. While cold compresses numb the pain, ice shouldn't be used for long periods as it can result in stiffness. Usually, doctors suggest the use of cold compresses in the initial 24 hours to control the pain. Don't apply cold packs for too long, as that can damage the skin, but instead wrap the cold pack in a towel before applying it to your back.

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