Non-cancerous outgrowths that appear on surface skin, warts are caused by the action of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The virus can be transferred from one person to the next through direct contact with the affected skin. However, in most cases, skin warts are harmless and do not portend any nature of debilitating ill-health or discomfort. They may even disappear without any treatment, though there are many remedies, both allopathic and non-allopathic, which may be effective in banishing warts. If one has developed warts and is keen to cure them, here is a list a ways in which they could be removed.

1. Use Grey Duct Tape

The practice of strapping a piece of duct tape to banish wart is called duct tape occlusion. In this, you need to cover the wart with a grey duct tape and the suffocation is going to kill the wart. Silver duct tape or even black electrical tape will work equally well, but studies have proved grey duct tape to be extremely successful in killing warts. Once you cover the wart with a duct tape, let it remain there for minimum 6 days. And soak the wart in water once you remove the tape. Afterwards, file it properly with a pumice stone or a nail filer. And then let the wart remain uncovered for around 24 hours. Keep repeating this procedure until the wart disappears.



Try Apple Cider Vinegar Compress

Apple cider vinegar makes a fantastic topical treatment for getting rid of warts effectively. The primary reason why apple cider vinegar application works best for wart removal is because of its high potassium content. You can prepare a foot bathing soak with apple cider vinegar by mixing it in lukewarm water. Using a small cotton ball, apply it on the stubborn plantar wart and then secure it with a band aid (1 inch thick) overnight. Keep changing the cotton ball till the wart starts peeling off. Then scrape it to see healthy skin beneath. Give some time to the area to heal well.



Rub Garlic

Though it may sound displeasing, but use of garlic on warts can aid in their removal in a faster manner. Garlic is not just good for combating common colds, but for fighting against warts as well. Apply garlic oil extract on the wart-plagued area for faster recovery. A lot of people even use onion paste as they find it as a better option. After applying garlic extract, cover the area with a band-aid. Within a week or two, the wart would disappear. Owing to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of garlic, you’ll be able to get rid of warts easily. Many people simply eat garlic or garlic capsules as an effective remedy.



Go Bananas

Yes! Literally, go bananas! Warts partly form on your skin when you have lower potassium levels in your body. So as a remedy – you may want to consume banana as it is one food that has abundance of potassium. Increasing potassium consumption in your diet can help get rid of warts and limit their chances of resurfacing minimum. You may not just want to directly eat bananas, but also get more potassium by rubbing the inside of its peel on the wart. Potassium content in bananas can help speed up the wart removal. A lot of people even crush and apply potassium pills on the wart.



Snitch The Wart

You can inform your body about the formation of warts so that it may form antibodies to remove the virus developing warts. Apply ice on the wart for 4-5 minutes. Then sterilize a needle and insert it into the wart few times, making sure that it pokes into the skin where wart is present. This process of introducing the virus to the body will help combat against the wart and encourage its removal. You should do this to only one wart, even if you have a number of warts as penetrating one will help the body discover rest of the warts and destroy all of them.



Heat Up And Soften The Wart

Many studies have proved that heating the skin affected by wart can remove the HPV virus that causes the warts. When going for this remedy, ensure that the water is warm not that much that it burns the skin. Soak the wart in water for 5-6 minutes and allow the skin to dry down. You may even use a heating pad to apply hot compresses for about an hour to get rid of warts. For faster results, one may add apple vinegar cider or chamomile tea in the hot water. As tea has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, it can work wonders on the warts. 2-3 tea bags can be added to warm water for excellent results.



Utilize Aloe Vera Gel

Perhaps a universally appealing remedy for treatment of warts is application of Aloe Vera gel. This wonderful remedy not just works well on sun tans, itchiness, redness, and irritation, but also on warts. Aloe Vera is known for its disinfectant, antiviral, and antibacterial properties – so its use will reduce virus’s resistance in the body, thereby making wart removal easier. Take an Aloe Vera leaf and break it open. Using a cotton ball, apply the gel coming out of the leaf on the wart. Leave the cotton ball there only and secure it using a duct tape. As the cotton pad dries down, change it. Do this process three or four times per day and keep cleaning the skin from time to time. Once you remove the bandage, clean the skin and wash it properly.



Take Immune Boosting Herbs

One of the most effective methods of getting rid of warts naturally is by taking immune boosting herbs. A lot of people suffer from warts only when they feel sick or tired. Potential immune boosters such as Vitamin C, zinc, and turmeric can help fight the warts. Other than that, immune boosting herbs, like Elderberry, Bayberry, Goldenseal, Astragalus, Echinacea, and Schizandra can help prevent stubborn warts.



Take Proteins

Maintaining a protein rich diet can boost the immune system and help fight virus causing the warts. Proteins constitute approximately 20% of the body mass, and therefor consuming a diet rich in proteins is quite important. One must eat fish, meat, eggs, tofu beans, as well as nuts that keep the immune system solid. Even whole grains and beans are rich in vitamin B and calcium, and are most recommended for keeping the body functioning properly. Moreover, tofu, cold water fish, red meats, and lean meats are important for staving off human papillomavirus that causes warts.



Use Baking Soda

Baking soda not just makes your cakes delicious or your teeth whiter. It is also known for removal of warts effectively. Form a paste by mixing castor oil in baking soda, and once baking soda seeps in, apply it on the wart during night time. Secure the area with a bandage and take it off only in the morning. Properly clean the area with lukewarm water and repeat this process till the time the wart disappears.



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