Heat rash is a mild but annoying complaint. As a rule, you can successfully apply home treatments. Heavy sweating is the principal heat rash cause. The sweat obstructs the body's sweat glands, and this leads to the rash appearing on the skin. Young children suffer more than adults do from heat rash because their sweat glands are less capable of coping with heavy sweating. As you might expect this problem is much worse in the summer months and in hot climates. The prickly heat rash (also called miliaria) is a kind of rash that appears on those areas of the body covered with clothing.


1. Usually Heat Rash Disappears Without Medications

In the ordinary course of events, heat rashes disappear without the need for any medications. All you need to do is take a few sensible precautions. To start with, resist the temptation to scratch the rash. Make sure to keep the affected skin cool and dry, for example, take regular cold showers and let your skin dry naturally in the air. It also helps to cool these body areas off with a fan, and air conditioning is even better.

heat rash

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