A workout can be memorable, so too can cramps. It can derail a good night's sleep or wreak havoc on your promising workout. Either way, muscle cramps are the nightmare of every athlete. For a jogger, cyclist or swimmer, a muscular occurrence may jeopardize the workout. But why do cramps even happen? Well, for starters, they are one of the worst understood facets of human muscular activity. They can cause changes in motor neuron excitability. Some motor nerves in the muscles discharge suddenly, due to unknown circumstances. That can cause involuntary muscular contractions, which can be very painful and unpleasant. When it comes to other reasons, there are several prominent theories. Possible culprits are the muscular contraction. They are a cause of fatigued regime of working out and muscle tightness. When your muscles are in a limited range of motions, the tightness induces cramps.


1. Rest for a few minutes

If you're in the middle of an excruciating set and a cramp strikes you, there is one best solution. That solution is none other than just plain resting. By stopping your jog or exercise set, you can give your muscle a time to recuperate. In most cases, cramps go away in a matter of several tens of seconds. This is known as an immediate treatment measure and is your best bet when the cramp strikes. If you don't rest, you might further disrupt the motor nerves within the fibers.

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