A workout can be memorable, so too can cramps. It can derail a good night's sleep or wreak havoc on your promising workout. Either way, muscle cramps are the nightmare of every athlete. For a jogger, cyclist or swimmer, a muscular occurrence may jeopardize the workout. But why do cramps even happen? Well, for starters, they are one of the worst understood facets of human muscular activity. They can cause changes in motor neuron excitability. Some motor nerves in the muscles discharge suddenly, due to unknown circumstances. That can cause involuntary muscular contractions, which can be very painful and unpleasant. When it comes to other reasons, there are several prominent theories. Possible culprits are the muscular contraction. They are a cause of fatigued regime of working out and muscle tightness. When your muscles are in a limited range of motions, the tightness induces cramps.

Rest for a few minutes

If you're in the middle of an excruciating set and a cramp strikes you, there is one best solution. That solution is none other than just plain resting. By stopping your jog or exercise set, you can give your muscle a time to recuperate. In most cases, cramps go away in a matter of several tens of seconds. This is known as an immediate treatment measure and is your best bet when the cramp strikes. If you don't rest, you might further disrupt the motor nerves within the fibers.

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You've tried resting and a few minutes have passed. During those few minutes, the cramp has known no signs of retreat whatsoever. To stop the cramp, in this case, your best solution is beginning a slight stretch of the affected muscle. That way, you can alarm the fibers and incline them to stop the cramping sensation. First, you should relax the leg and stop any activity. Then, you can always establish a 30-second stretch of the muscle. By doing that, your motor nerves will feel the extra tension and the cramp will lessen.

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Try taking Magnesium Supplements

Because muscle cramps are still an unexplored facet of medicine, nothing is for sure. Certain forms of shaking and cramps have gone away by consuming magnesium-enriched water. This method can work both in cases of regular cramps and chronic cramps. If you're looking for more conventional ways to solve this conundrum, try eating nuts or seeds. Several kinds are potent sources of magnesium and can enrich your health. This type of treatment can stop cramps in the long run, too. Try eating some peanuts or cashews before and after a workout.

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Stay hydrated

This way isn't so immediate and straight-forward like the others. This theory is based on the fact that all cells need water to survive. By adding extra amounts of water, you can bypass the cramps that are plaguing you. Now, hydration doesn't mean disorganized guzzling, but more of a determined plan. Set a goal in terms of quantity and then place equal amounts of this quantity throughout the day. That way, you will never get thirsty and supply your muscles with enough water.

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Walk around

This is good for leg cramps in particular. Cramps usually go wild in a blink of an eye and refuse to stop for some time. Walking is a good way of confusing your motor nerves. Instead of cramping, the muscles will receive signals to contract and relax. All this happens in a repetitive motion. That will keep the fibers busy. By accomplishing this feat, you will feel your cramp fading away. But, it's worth taking a few minutes of rest if you intend to continue the workout. Such a period should be enough to give you room to take a breather.

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Try Epsom salts

Remember when we said taking magnesium supplementation may help? It can, but why not combine it with more magnesium? This time, it can come from the outside. Apply Epsom salts through a cloth pressed onto a muscle. Doing this you attack any remnants of the cramp-inducing factor. As much as waiting for magnesium to arrive is beneficial, so can applying it through the skin be helpful too. So, you can combine both methods. It gives the body a magnesium influx for the ages.

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Massaging in an immediate manner

So, you've fallen down with some nasty cramps, eh? No worries, there is no need to squirm in agony and wait for the doctor to help you. You can take matters into your own hands. The best way to do so is starting off with a gentle massage of the cramped area. By doing so, you will apply pressure on your motor nerves. Such an action may prove to be the best wake up call for the muscle fibers. So, you should consider this immediate form of help. In most cases, a little shakeup of the muscles is all it takes.

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Go for regular massages

You've tried massaging yourselves after a cramp, right? It may or may not have worked. There is only one surefire way to see if massage does the trick. Find a good massage therapist and have regular treatments on your muscles. This way, you can ensure that your motor nerves are healthy. That detail right there can be the difference between a blissful workout and tragedy in the making.

There are several types of massages available. The only way to find out is to ask around and experiment. Communicate with your massage therapist as much as you can. They will know what to do.


Acupuncture from time to time

Acupuncture has gone from an alternative medicine solution to a real life saver. Of course, this didn't happen only in recent years. Acupuncture goes way back to ancient China. Recently, it has proven to be the missing piece in the quest to remove the existence of menstrual cramps. Several college athletes have linked their cramps reducing in frequency due to acupuncture. It has much promise as a way to relieve the body of cramps. More and more people are turning to it, due to a growing intolerance to medications.



Try drinking pickle juice or any other salty liquid

This may seem funny and all, but there is no lie in this way to treat cramps. Sodium can make your cramps disappear faster. Not only will it affect the situation, but you will also get a substantial amount of water. Hydration and sodium are the dream team. It helps to annihilate any cramps whatsoever. Pickles before and after a workout doesn't sound like a bad idea, huh?

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