Repetitive motion injuries affect a broad range of people and are the most common workplace injury reported in the United States. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, you may be at risk; people who partake in many sports or exercise are also commonly affected. Despite the frequency of such injuries, many people don't understand them very well. Understanding how a repetitive motion injury or repetitive strain injury may occur can help you assess your risk and take steps to prevent them.


1. What is a repetitive motion injury?

When most people think of what causes injury, they think of a fall or other sudden event. However, the small strain of doing the same action over and over again can build up over time, leading to pain and tissue damage. This is a repetitive motion injury. Something as simple as typing on a keyboard all day can cause an injury. Repeated concussions can also cause problems. A jogger may develop a repetitive motion injury from the force of their feet hitting the ground with every step.


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