Myositis, which means "muscle inflammation," is perhaps not as widely known or understood as some other muscle diseases. One of its most common causes is an aberration of the immune system that damages healthy muscle tissue. Muscle inflammation comes in different strains and degrees of severity with polymyositis and dermatomyositis occurring most frequently. Age is one factor that influences which type of myositis an individual is most likely to contract. Doctors use blood tests, muscle biopsies, and MRI scans to make their diagnoses.


1. Inflammation After a Virus

A milder type of this disease is called post-infectious reactive myositis. Inflammation of the muscles causes this version of myositis sickness that occurs after the patient catches a viral cold. In most cases, the inflammation goes down in a short while without the need for medical treatment. Only in the unlikely event that the muscles remain inflamed is it necessary to consult a doctor.

virus Myositis

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