A healthy endocrine system is a crucial element of your body functioning efficiently. Hormonal imbalance can be a frequent problem in the body. This is especially true for women. Menopause and the premenstrual period are two examples of a time when hormones fluctuate. Sleep deficiency or a lack of exercise may cause a slight imbalance. Another cause of hormonal imbalance is an under-active thyroid gland. If your body is low on thyroxine, you may feel tired and gain weight easier than ever.


1. Difficulty falling asleep

This symptom is the most common in young mothers and women in general. Insomnia after childbirth is the result of a progesterone drop. A usually abundant hormone, progesterone aids the maintenance of sleep patterns. It ensures deep sleep and makes waking up more difficult. This is, among other reasons, why young mothers usually cannot sleep well.

Hormonal imbalance

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