The hamstring is one of the most important muscles in the human body. It runs down the back of your thigh and is one of the biggest muscles in the body. Without a proper functioning hamstring, you wouldn't be able to run. The hamstring also regulates how you bend your knee. Hamstring injuries can be very annoying. Not only are they serious, but they can be nagging for some time. Athletes and people from all walks of life can suffer a lot from these types of mishaps. Preventing hamstring injuries is simple. You have to do a lot of core and leg exercises and warm-ups. To be able to perform even the simplest leg movements, you need a proper warm-up. Also, eating nutritious foods and having a balanced diet strengthens your muscles. But, despite all this, injuries still happen.  


1. A Tearing Sensation

If you strain your hamstring suddenly, you may feel a tearing sensation. This happens when the muscle fibers tear. Your muscle will most likely become numb, followed by intense pain. A common mistake in this situation is continuing to move. Such an action may further damage the muscle. If you stop right away and seek help, you may only need basic treatments. Aggravating such an injury with movement may cause you to need surgery. You may also feel popping, snapping and similar sensations. No matter how non-serious you think it is, you should always seek the help of a medical professional.

Hamstring injuries

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