Motion sickness is a fairly common condition. You experience this when the motion you see differs from the motion sensed by your inner ear. A lot of people experience motion sickness. It may happen when a person travels by sea, by land or by air. Some people might even experience this when they get on some types of amusement park rides.

Motion sickness is a progressive condition. It starts with a simple feeling of uneasiness then progresses to other symptoms. Finally, you might start feeling nauseated which may result in vomiting. Here are the different symptoms and treatments of motion sickness.

Uneasy feeling

The very first sign of motion sickness is getting an uncomfortable feeling. This is especially true for people who always experience this condition. You may get a general feeling of anxiety just because you know that you'll be traveling. Aside from this, you may also get the feeling that you're not well.

Remember that anxiety hastens and worsens the symptoms. If you often experience motion sickness, try using relaxation techniques. But if your anxiety is too much, you may consider seeking medical advice to lessen it.



Cold sweats

Sometimes, the uneasy feeling may come with a bout of cold sweats. Without any obvious reason, you'll start sweating. This may happen before or during your trip. And when it happens, it may be an indication that you're experiencing motion sickness.

Just like with the uneasy feeling, you need to find a way to relax. If you keep thinking about your anxiety, it will make the situation worse. And if that happens, the symptoms will progress. Then, you'll start getting nauseated or vomiting.




This is another common symptom of motion sickness. As you're traveling, you might start getting dizzy. Like the other symptoms, this could lead to others. However, this is a common symptom, and it won't just point to motion sickness.

One common way to treat dizziness is to look out into the horizon. Take a look out of the window near you and find the horizon in the direction you're traveling to. This is a common method to overcome dizziness as it brings back your sense of inner balance. You may also take special medications to prevent motion sickness from happening. It's best to take these medications right before you travel or as indicated.

Also, to avoid dizziness and headaches, avoid some things. These include facing backward and reading while traveling. Also, steer clear of using your gadgets or talking to other travelers.




Usually, dizziness comes with a headache. This is another common symptom which can point to different illnesses or conditions. However, if it happens while you're traveling, then it may be a symptom of motion sickness. When you have a headache, try closing your eyes. If you're on a long trip, you can also try to take a nap. Just like looking at the horizon, this helps you bring back your inner sense of balance.


You can also sit in strategic positions on different vehicles. When you're on a boat, watch the horizon from the deck. When you're traveling in a car, sit in front if possible. This will give you a great view of the horizon. But when you're traveling by airplane, choose a window seat and look outside. Also, select a seat over the plane's wings. In this area, there is minimal motion.




Drowsiness and fatigue are also symptoms of motion sickness. While on the trip, you may start experiencing either of these feelings. Even though you're well-rested right before the trip, you may feel tired. This may also be because you're feeling uneasy.


There's no specific treatment for this particular symptom. Probably the best thing you can do is to sleep while traveling. Whether going on a short or long trip, taking a nap may be very beneficial for you.



Pale skin

Another sign of motion sickness is having pale skin. This usually comes with other symptoms such as dizziness and cold sweats. Also, you may not notice this symptom. Rather, the people traveling with you will observe this symptom.


Just like with fatigue, there's no way to treat this symptom. Eventually, when the other symptoms fade, your pale skin may return to its original color.



Increased production of Saliva

If you have motion sickness, you might notice an increased production of saliva. You might start drooling uncharacteristically. One thing you can do about this is to chew some gum. This is an effective way to reduce motion sickness for those who experience it.


Of course, you don't just have to chew gum to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness. You can eat some snacks too. The mere act of chewing is helpful. It reduces the negative effects of the imbalance between your vision and your inner ear.



Frequent Burping

One uncommon but mild symptom of motion sickness is frequent burping. While traveling, you may notice that you keep on burping, which doesn't usually happen. This is another mild and harmless symptom, so you just have to let it pass. You don't need to treat this symptom unless it becomes more severe.




As the motion sickness progresses, you may also start to experience nausea. This is a common symptom of the condition. Almost everyone who has motion sickness has experienced this feeling already.


One way to lessen this symptom is to avoid any foul odors. If there are such smells in the vehicle, you need to find the source and get rid of it. Another way you can ease this symptom is to get some cool and fresh air. You can easily do this when traveling by car. Stop for a bit, step out of the car, and breathe in the fresh air. You can also take a breather when traveling by boat. But when on a plane, you may just have to bear with it until the feeling passes.


You can also take some ginger to ease the motion sickness. You can either take it in tablet form or chew fresh ginger to ease the symptoms.




Lastly, vomiting is another symptom. If you don't get over the feeling of nausea, you might actually start vomiting. This can be very inconvenient no matter what vehicle you're traveling on. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening.


At least a day before you travel, avoid heavy meals. Also, stay away from meals which contain a lot of fats. While traveling, try snacking on some dry soda crackers. You can also sip on ginger ale or other clear and fizzy drinks. Finally, it's also important to stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages. Avoid them before or during the trip.



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