allet Finger is an injury that typically occurs in sporting activity when a ball hits the fingertip or thumb so strongly that the tendon is severely damaged. In the USA this injury may also be called a "baseball finger" since this is one of the contexts where it most frequently happens. This is one of the easiest complaints to diagnose since a look at the bent-over finger of thumb instantly shows the observer what has happened. However, even though external appearance makes for instant problem identification, the doctor still might ask for an x-ray to see damage to the joint and check joint alignment.


1. Inability to raise a finger or thumb

Someone who suffers a mallet finger injury loses the ability to raise their injured finger or thumb. The sight of this finger stuck in a bent down position towards the palm is the prime sign that they have sustained this kind of damage. The object that struck the finger, or an accidental bang against a hard substance, stretches or completely tears the tendon that attached the finger to the muscle and therefore it loses its power of movement. Even if it is possible to push up the finger, it lacks the strength to remain in its normal position. The mobility loss need not occur immediately after the blow, but sometimes it occurs a while after this injury.

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