A febrile seizure is triggered by a fever and occurs in children between the ages of nine months and five years old. This type of seizure does not cause harm to the otherwise healthy child. However, it is essential to diagnose the underlying condition that caused the fever. Febrile seizures are known to be hereditary and run in the family, but if it is your first time experiencing one, then it can be pretty scary.


Most of the time, febrile seizures happen within the first 24 hours of an illness or infection. However, it may not be when the fever is at its highest peak. Ear infections or viral diseases may cause a febrile seizure, but in rare cases, meningitis might cause the problem. As a parent or caregiver, you want to be ready for any health conditions. Check out these ten symptoms and treatments for febrile seizures so you can be prepared.


1. Crying or Rolling of the Eyes

The symptoms of a febrile seizure can be very mild. Your child may cry during an episode. Obviously, your baby will cry for lots of reasons, especially if he or she has a fever and isn’t feeling well, to begin with. However, this crying might be a little more peculiar than usual. Your little one might even make a moaning noise. Another mild symptom of a febrile seizure is the child’s eyes rolling.


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