There are a lot of good bacteria in the vagina, most specifically lactobacilli, which produces lactic acid. When lactobacilli levels are low, an imbalance occurs. Then you are left with an increase of bad bacteria called Gardnerella vaginitis and a small group of symptoms that make up the condition of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Also known as Vaginal Bacteriosis, it is a very common vaginal infection. You can experience BV and have no symptoms, but when they do occur, they can be rather unpleasant. The major symptoms listed below can also be relieved somewhat by home remedies. If you decide not to take antibiotics to return your bacteria levels to normal, then read on to find relief!


1. Discharge

This is the most common symptom of Bacterial Vaginosis, and it consists of a gray, white or yellow vaginal discharge. Having vaginal discharge is actually quite normal. It occurs when the glands inside the cervix and vagina, secrete a fluid to carry away any bacteria and dead cells. It's is basically a way of self-cleaning, which, in turn, prevents infection. What makes discharge abnormal is when there is a change in the balance of bacteria; this will cause usually clear to milky white discharge to become more colored. This, combined with the other symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis, is the way your body tells you there is something not quite right….down there.

discharge bacterial vaginosis

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