One of the worst nightmares for anyone is getting warts in uncomfortable and awkward locations. And what's more awkward than the anal region, especially when small bumps develop around it. This condition is known as anal warts, and it mainly affects the inside and outside parts of the anus, although it may also appear in the genital area. Anal warts start off as small growths, and over time they develop into more significant spots. Symptoms mostly involve pain, irritation, and itchiness. Find out ten symptoms and treatments of anal warts.


1. Spots

One of the first signs of anal warts is spots that develop around the anal zone. Warts, at least initially, appear small and pin-like and can have various colors. Most anal warts are flesh-colored or neutral in tone, but over time they may become red and irritated in appearance. Anal warts are usually flat or slightly raised, but if they become irritated, they may grow in size. One of the most effective ways to treat anal warts is cryotherapy, which employs freezing temperatures to freeze warts, thereby eliminating them.

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