When you look at blood it may seem like one stable component, but it is actually made up of different cell types. Blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. The blood cells and platelets are suspended in plasma. When you rapidly spin blood, it separates into these base components. It is essential that you always have enough blood in your body and that it is circulating properly. A healthy diet of high-iron and low-sugar foods can help you avoid blood conditions. In addition to this, regular exercise can help people with poor circulation.


1. Numbness

One of the first signs and symptoms which come up as a result of poor circulation is numbness. This numbness will take place in the parts of the body that do not get adequate blood supply. And in most cases too, the numbness leads to the extremities, that is the limbs (feet and hands). Numbness is the feeling of not having any feeling on part of your body as if you are have got a shot of anesthesia. Most of us usually feel this way physiologically when we sit down for a long time without shifting. This proves to be a loss of sensation in the extremities.

numbness poor circulation

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