Many factors can cause vomiting. From an innocuous hangover to a more life-threatening tumor, vomiting is one of the body's natural mechanisms for getting rid of unwanted substances in the stomach. And it's bound to happen to us at one point or another. Even though it usually isn't dangerous, it is uncomfortable and even painful. Luckily, there are plenty of home remedies out there that can help to soothe the stomach and, hopefully, even cure it. Find out the top remedies for vomiting.


Using ginger to relieve pain and other symptoms is just about the best thing you can do; it's considered to be one of the best home remedies against vomiting. It has been used over the ages in many cultures across the world, but Asia is where it's most prized. What makes ginger so useful in easing vomiting is its antiemetic properties, which can help you reduce the frequency and intensity of your vomiting. Fresh ginger is most effective, and to correctly use it; you should chew on it and swallow. Alternatively, drink ginger tea with honey.




Mint is another well-regarded remedy that may help reduce your symptoms. Many people claim that mint and mint products, such as teas or supplements, have successfully brought down their symptoms and helped them to treat their vomiting. Drinking mint tea, for example, can contribute to reducing gas and muscle tension in the stomach. To reap the benefits of this natural remedy, brew fresh mint tea by steeping a few dried mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for an hour. Then, strain the mixture and slowly drink it. Consuming the mixture too fast can lead to more vomiting.

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Although it sounds unpleasant - especially that pungent smell - vinegar can be a fast-acting and soothing remedy for the body. Dealing with the smell is easy: simply dilute the vinegar in a glass of warm water. By drinking the mixture, you can relax the stomach and help bring down nausea in an entirely natural way. Apple cider vinegar is the optimal remedy: it's all-natural and packed with vitamins and minerals, giving you a cocktail of helpfulness. You can also try mixing vinegar with honey for a more potent remedy, provided you can tolerate the taste.

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Besides giving an extra kick to your morning porridge, cinnamon can help fight against nausea and related symptoms. Aside from its obvious physical health qualities, it also creates a sense of ease for the mind. The relaxing scent invokes feelings of peaceful mornings spent alongside family. To use cinnamon for vomiting, add a cinnamon stick into a few cups of boiling water. Allow it to steep for around 10 minutes, and slowly sip the mixture. Drink up to three times a day. If you want to make the mixture even more delicious, try adding a few teaspoons of honey.

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Your mother may have told you that eating rice and other bland foods are the best way of treating vomiting. And she's completely right: rice is a simple starch, and it's easy to digest, making it an optimal food for people suffering from vomiting. Until symptoms improve, the only solid foods you should eat are rice and other starchy products, such as potatoes or pasta. If your stomach can't handle solid rice, try drinking rice milk, which is also helpful in treating vomiting. You can slowly add boiled vegetables to the mix, increased intake with each meal.

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Onion Juice

Another smelly and at first perhaps off-putting remedy is onion juice. But don't be quick to disregard the effectiveness of this home remedy; it's surprisingly popular and may be just what you need to help calm down your symptoms. Onions, and especially onion juice, can be useful in calming the stomach. It can also reduce nausea, making you more comfortable. If you don't like the taste of raw onion - like most normal humans - mix onion juice with an equivalent amount of carrot juice; add a few teaspoons of honey and drink in small sips.

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Water is the driving force of our bodies; it's our natural source of energy, and it gets things moving in our bodies. It makes sense to drink water to help treat vomiting. This remedy may seem too easy, but it does, in fact, work in a lot of cases. Water is tasteless and is unlikely to upset the stomach. It also helps to neutralize the stomach, and it aids in digestion. Another important benefit of water is hydration; vomiting may cause dehydration, so drinking plenty of liquids is essential in keeping your body sufficiently hydrated. Take small sips of water throughout the day to treat vomiting.

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It is often stated that stale products such as dry toast and crackers can help treat vomiting. That's because they are bland and starchy, and don't upset the stomach. They lack acidity and spice, making them a neutral treatment for vomiting. But by themselves, they can be quite boring, which is where milk comes in. Having a sip of warm milk with a piece of toast can be a great way to treat vomiting. The milk helps to soften the bread, making it easier to digest. And it's also relaxing for the mind; don't underestimate the value of a warm glass of milk.

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The raw power of honey can be a great way to treat vomiting, among other conditions. With nearly any ailment, honey can provide some form of benefit, whether it be in the form of antiseptic properties or a calming effect, honey has something for everyone. For vomiting, honey can help to calm the stomach down, and it can soothe other symptoms. Honey is also easy to combine with other treatments, such as teas and other mixtures. It can even be mixed with smoothies. But it's best enjoyed by itself in all its glory.

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Last on the list in aniseed, which is a peculiar and mostly unheard of remedy. But that shouldn't discourage you from giving it a try. Simply chewing on an aniseed is enough to get some relief; but boiling it is even better, as this allows for the natural properties of the remedy to fully come out. To make aniseed tea, steep a few tablespoons of aniseed in boiling water for up to 10 minutes. You can add some honey to the mixture to make it sweeter. Drink the tea up to three times per day.

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