Tinnitus is one of those health issues easy to recognize once the condition is described even though the term might not be so familiar. Tinnitus is the name for the mild ringing or another kind of sound in the ear that many experience. The noise causes lots of annoyance and difficulties identifying the exact cause add to the sufferer's distress. The noise may be the result of some blockage in the ear, it could be a symptom of an infection, or it might be the result of noise exposure or some other causes. If the doctor seems unsure what to do, perhaps a natural remedy can help?

Know the Value of Onions

The extent that this vegetable features in so many cooked meals and salads make it hard to imagine that it might serve any other purpose outside the kitchen, but health cure experts know otherwise. In addition to a pleasing taste, onions also contain anti-bacterial substances that help treat an infection. No doubt a few more onions in the diet can only help, but tinnitus requires a more particular application. Put a few drops of cooked onion juice that has completely cooled down into the affected ear or ears. Wait about five minutes and turn the head, so the juice naturally exits.

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Good old garlic

Most people cannot take the smell of garlic even though they appreciate its taste in salads and other foods. Although it remains unproven by modern research, it is possible that regular garlic eaters are less likely to suffer from tinnitus than non-eaters. Nobody argues about the valuable anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities garlic possesses. This makes it a good ingredient to include in homemade ear drops. One ear drops recipe uses a couple of crushed and fried garlic cloves mixed with sesame oil. A few drops of this liquid put into the ear each night over seven days makes an effective remedy.

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Take steps to lower blood pressure

Since high blood pressure is another common tinnitus trigger, it stands to reason that effective measures to reduce blood pressure bring relief. As an alternative to prescription drugs try a two-prong natural approach to blood pressure reduction. Cut out alcohol and cigarettes and try as much as possible to reduce caffeine intake. At the same time become involved in activities know to reduce stress, for example, a well-planned exercise routine and at least eight hours of unbroken sleep per night.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

If any natural substance deserves a prize for a wide range of curative uses, apple cider vinegar is certainly going to be a very strong contender. Its potential suitability as a tinnitus remedy springs from its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. If an ear infection lies at the root of the problem a few daily doses of apple cider vinegar can remove the infection and hence the tinnitus. It is recommended to take a couple of teaspoons full of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and a bit of honey three times each day.

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If tinnitus results from excessive pressure in the ear, an herbal tea made with ginger should help to cure it. Ginger has similar pain-relieving qualities to the aspirin sold over the counter at pharmacies, and it also aids the blood circulation. To make a healthy tea grate just half a teaspoon full of ginger and add it to a cup of hot water. After the water has cooled down, add a small amount of honey. Make this drink a few times a day for about half a week to see relief from tinnitus. Others recommend tinnitus sufferers to chew some raw ginger. They could also try both these approaches without any health risk fears.

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Improve the vitamin balance in the body

A lack of vitamin A in the body could be a cause of some cases of tinnitus. Apparently, this vitamin helps ensure that the inner ear continues to discharge its key role in the hearing process effectively. A malfunction in this part of the ear might create circumstances where an individual feels they hear a ringing or buzzing noise. Pineapples are one of several foods rich in Vitamin A, and this vitamin is also easily available in the form of vitamin supplement pills.

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Ginkgo Biloba

Without some knowledge of natural healing herbs, there is not much chance anyone will know about Ginkgo Biloba. Its many health restorative capabilities include antibiotic, anti-fungal and blood circulation enhancing properties. It is unsuitable for children, and is also not recommended for those taking certain medicines; if in doubt consult a doctor first. Others find that it is one of the most effective ways to end that annoying ringing in the ear. A daily three of four doses of Ginkgo Biloba extract over a one and half month period ought to bring about a marked improvement.

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Mustard oil

Quite understandably some feel more comfortable using a familiar natural product in a tinnitus remedy, so the mustard oil option helps them feel more at ease. This oil has antibacterial and antifungal powers that can put an end to an ear infection. It also works as an immune system booster to reduce the chance of return infections. Try a couple of drops of warm mustard oil left in the infected ear (or ears) for about five minutes. After this time passes, turn the head to the side to let the oil naturally exit from the ear.

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Zinc supplements

The onset of tinnitus in seniors may be connected with the aging process. Some find it helps to take daily zinc supplements of approximately 120 mg each day. Continue the dose for up to half a year and see what improvement in brings.

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Holy Basil

This is another favorite kitchen garden herb which finds a novel use in tinnitus home remedies. Instead of eating it in the salad the basil must be blended into a paste and a couple of drops inserted in the ear a couple of time each day over a half a week.

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