Tinnitus is one of those health issues easy to recognize once the condition is described even though the term might not be so familiar. Tinnitus is the name for the mild ringing or another kind of sound in the ear that many experience. The noise causes lots of annoyance and difficulties identifying the exact cause add to the sufferer's distress. The noise may be the result of some blockage in the ear, it could be a symptom of an infection, or it might be the result of noise exposure or some other causes. If the doctor seems unsure what to do, perhaps a natural remedy can help?


1. Know the Value of Onions

The extent that this vegetable features in so many cooked meals and salads make it hard to imagine that it might serve any other purpose outside the kitchen, but health cure experts know otherwise. In addition to a pleasing taste, onions also contain anti-bacterial substances that help treat an infection. No doubt a few more onions in the diet can only help, but tinnitus requires a more particular application. Put a few drops of cooked onion juice that has completely cooled down into the affected ear or ears. Wait about five minutes and turn the head, so the juice naturally exits.

onions Tinnitus

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