A stye or hordeolum is a red, pimple-like lump on the eyelid. It is the result of an acute infection in the glands that produce oil in the eyelid. This red lump is caused by anything thing that blocks the oil-secreting glands of the eyelids. This includes things like makeup and dirt. When the gland becomes blocked, it becomes prone to bacterial infections. The type of bacteria that is responsible for most of the cases of styes is called Staphylococcus, but other types can cause styes as well. These unfortunate lumps will usually resolve on their own, but these home remedies for styes will speed up the healing process. Whatever you do, avoid popping the stye as this will only spread the infection.


1. Place a warm compress on the stye

One of the most efficient ways of dealing with a stye is to place a warm compress over it. A stye causes a block in the duct of the glands that produce oil, so the warm cloth can help the stye drain by dissolving any blockage. Sometimes, a stye becomes filled with pus and comes to a head. The heat of the cloth will help dissolve this pus and increase the circulation to the area to help fight this infection. This will speed up the healing process and reduce some of the symptoms like itchiness and swelling.


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