Though earaches generally pose no serious health risks, they can be uncomfortable or painful and should be medically investigated if they do not resolve quickly. For decades, doctors prescribed antibiotics to treat earaches. Today, doctors use medication as a last resort rather than a standard response, instead prescribing mild painkillers and allowing the ache to ease on its own. In many cases, home remedies for earache make it possible to safely correct the issue without a doctor's intervention.


1. Olive Oil

Thousands of years ago, the olive was a mainstay of ancient agriculture, and it is still a major crop in Southern Europe and the Middle East. We eat the fruit of the olive tree for a healthy snack or side dish, and its oil has flavor and healing qualities. A few drops of olive oil warmed to body temperature may alleviate earaches when carefully placed in the ear. Even though this practice lacks scientific research to back it up, there are many anecdotal approvals. Do not use this method on children, however.

Home Remedies for Earache

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