Diaper rash, an irritation caused by the acidic qualities of urine and feces, is a common occurrence in infants, regardless of diaper choice. When trapped for long periods against the skin, a diaper's contents can create friction and cause inflammation on the delicate areas around a baby's bottom, groin, and genitals. Diaper rash results in red, itching skin. It can be very uncomfortable and requires immediate treatment to heal and soothe. These are among the best and most effective home remedies for diaper rash.


1. Vinegar

Vinegar is quite a robust solution, but it can be very effective in healing skin affected by diaper rash. When applied directly, it can counteract the chemical properties of urine, which can burn the baby's skin. Add one teaspoon of white vinegar to one cup of water and use this to wipe your baby's bottom during a diaper change. This helps to make the baby's skin resistant to a yeast infection. If you are using cloth diapers, add half a cup of vinegar to half a bucket of water. After you have washed the diapers, soak them in this vinegar solution. A vinegar soak is also good for getting rid of the urine smell, which can sometimes build up over time.

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