Memory loss is an age old malady. Our forefathers used to try many traditional combinations of home remedies in an effort to help retain memory. In our modern age, things have drastically changed with an average person having to keep track of many daily necessities like, ATM PIN number, bank account numbers, Internet passwords and much more. For the younger generation, to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology, memory retention is all the more important, as it will assist them in their careers. The secret of preventing memory loss does not lie in medication - it lies in food. Our century old memory boosting solution has been effectively established through these ten simple homemade solutions, which have now been recognised by the scientific community too.


Rosemary is an effective herb that contains carbonic acid, which acts as a powerful anti- oxidant. Its medicinal value is not only limited to remembrance, but to easing of stomach cramps and migraines as well. Apart from its antioxidant property which dilates the cerebral vascular veins, Rosemary has been known to have enhanced memory simply by its smell. Parents have been known to spray the oil extract from this herb into the rooms of children during studies, just to help them do better on their exams. It is believed to help stimulate the neurotransmitters present in the brain for increased memory retention.



Brain development

Brain training helps improve focus, memory strength and enhances your ability to cope with day to day problems. There is evidence which proves that the neurons in the brain keep regenerating even into adulthood and a range of brain exercises can assist in making these new neurons have a positive impact on influencing your memory buds. These could be solving the tricky daily Sudoku puzzle, learning another language or simply playing a mind game like chess or scrabble.




Apart from reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes or stroke, there are ample reasons to stay physically fit and active, especially for those persons who experience memory loss. Studies have proven that memory can be enhanced by several periods of aerobic exercises, like swimming, walking or running. Regular exercise, particularly those that get your heart and sweat glands working, is known to increase the size of that part of the brain involved in memory and thinking both directly and indirectly. The direct benefits include insulin and inflammation reduction and at the same time stimulation of growth factors. Indirect benefits like improved sleep, stress reduction and enhanced moods all contribute towards cognitive improvement. Making exercise a habit is the best medicine.




Ginseng is found in many forms, however, the particular herb which is good for boosting of the memory is commonly known as Panax or Asian Ginseng. Apart from improving the mental performance and arrest elderly memory loss, the properties of this herb act as a natural and powerful aphrodisiac as well. Centuries of traditional medical practice has established this, while current studies have proven its benefit with regards to energy, immunity and stronger neuroprotective growth.




It is widely known that lifestyle and environmental factors contribute towards memory loss, however, a major factor responsible for improving brain health is diet. The correct menu will not only improve your memory skills but will also encourage a good flow of blood to the brain. Berries, especially cherries, are a good source of anthocyanins and other memory boosters like flavonoids. Just a handful of them as a snack or baked into an anti- oxidant rich dessert can reap major benefits.



Indian gooseberry

The Indian gooseberry (Amla), is a very bitter, light green berry that is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and vitamins. The major compounds found in gooseberries are flavones and anthocyanins which have numerous health advantages against cancer and memory loss. Rich in many beneficial nutrients, gooseberries contain 26% of the daily required dose of vitamin C and a wide array of vitamins and minerals which can safeguard the body against infection and facilitate growth of memory cells.




The Hawthorn herb is popularly known as the heart herb, particularly in the treatment of angina. Hawthorn berries have successfully been used together with gingko biloba to increase memory capability by facilitating the increase of blood flow to the brain. This is primarily due to the presence of rutin and quercetin in the berry, both of which have a high flavonoid content, which in turn act as powerful antioxidants which strengthen the walls of the blood cells and thereby reduce damage.


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a rejuvenating herb recommended as a brain tonic to assist in increasing intelligence and preventing memory loss. As its main function is to clean the blood, it facilitates flow of blood to the brain and strengthen the adrenal glands, thereby, boosting intelligence and memory. It is regarded as the most important herb in Ayurvedic medicine as it is known to develop the crown chakra, or the centre of energy in the top of the head.



Bacopa monniera powder

Bacopa monniera (brahmi), has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. Traditionally used for its memory enhancing properties by assisting in the development of the brain, learning and improving concentration. This small creeping herb grows naturally in India and the tropics and is found in shallow waters and marshes. The light purple flowers blossom in summer and the whole plant is good for medical use. Since the extracts of this herb are primarily targeted for enhancing cognitive functions, researchers have mainly focused on these mechanisms. The normal doses of Bacopa are 5 to 10 gm of with 30 ml of syrup extract (Brahmi). Therapeutic use is known to have no side effects or any major behavioural changes.



Black seeds

This little brain sharpener is the latest entrant to the health improvement field and is gradually making its presence felt day by day. This seed’s antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties are responsible for a brain boost in a short span of just 9 weeks, which has been successfully tested. As black seeds are rich in vitamin oils as well, they also help prevent reduction of acetylcholine in the brain, which has been established as a memory enhancer. With practically no side effects that impact the heart, liver or kidney, black seeds have been certified safe for humans. Still not available in capsule form, black seed is taken with honey to suppress its unsavoury taste.



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