Hip pain is a problem that plagues most people at some time in their lives. There many causes of hip pain, including joint disorders and overuse. Regardless of the reason, hip pain can be frustrating and even debilitating for some patients. Whether it is a minor annoyance or a barrier to your daily activities, it is important to treat this issue right away. Untreated hip pain can lead to physical compensation that may cause additional back or leg pain. While you should always consult your doctor to make sure a more serious underlying issue is not the problem, many remedies will decrease pain and increase your ability to live normally.


1. Exercise

It's important to have a regular exercise routine for many reasons, but decreasing hip pain is one of them. If you are not currently in pain, exercise can help you to strengthen muscles and increase the range of motion, allowing you to avoid this injury. If your hip pain is already present, you should consider modifying your exercises to ones that are less stressful on your joints. This includes walking on a flat trail or treadmill and doing yoga that does not overextend the hip joint. Another great way to exercise is to walk or perform aerobic exercises in shallow water, such as in a community or recreation center pool.

exercise hip pain

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